I am a RAW powerlifter… I am 20 years of age and I currently have the highest RAW Total in Canada, 369.2lb Squat, 198.2lb Bench, 440.7lb Deadlift and 1008.1lb Total. I have been competing in powerlifting for the past 2 yrs now and am enjoying every moment of it!. Before truly discovering powerlifting I was your average chick at the gym who did the occasional “cardio” (aka walking) on the treadmill and maybe “did some weights” if I felt like it. When I first heard about powerlifting my first thought was… what kind of girl would want to do that to themselves…getting bulky, lifting (@ the time to me was 345873lbs) and competing in a “men’s” sport… That was UNTIL… I actually gave it a shot… I thought it was different from what I had seen so I decided to give it a go… and OH BOY is it ever freaking different. Who would have ever known lifting such heavy weight was not only an awesome training session but it was wicked fun. It was after my first competition where I truly discovered my passion and understanding of powerlifting. It’s a sport where you are yelling, screaming and encouraging your opponent to hit that PR… The sport is all  “YOU AGANST THE WEIGHT” you are not there to beat others but solely to support them and to “do you”; it’s not about winning a trophy or a medal, it’s about you challenging yourself and reaching your personal goals; it’s a constant chase with yourself and there’s nothing else like it… And let me tell you… there is NO and I mean NO other feeling in the world that even compares to being able to stand up with a PR… Being on that platform is the biggest 30s rush you will ever feel from everyone cheering, hollering, screaming and the yelling for you to get the darn lift! No matter how nasty you look doing it (You see some pretty wild faces out there).

I feel that I have become very serious about the sport; So, I decided it would be the beginning to my future of becoming someone people will remember in the future… Someone who will have an impact on people…Someone who people will come to advice for…Most Importantly, I want to show people they are capable of doing whatever they set their mind it.

Now that I have achieved my personal goal of 1000+ lb total I now know that goal setting is an on-going process because you are constantly reaching your goals… Reaching my goal of a 1000+ lb total has made me realize that hell, I’m 20 yrs old! I’m just getting started! Setting goals is a never ending cycle and will always be… SO GET SETTING AND START YOUR JOURNEY TO SUCCESS!


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  1. Yes, yes and YES! It’s so good to find another blog from a woman who loves to lift. I’ve just started, went to my first powerlifting meet a few weeks back and saw a woman bench 125 kgs OMG! (Sonia Manaena from Invercargill, just south of where I’m at in Dunedin NZ). Incredible 🙂

    When I see women do silly little weights and saw “I’m soooooo weak” I just want to hit them over the head with an olympic bar – ever feel that way? We can do so much more!

    Look forward to following your journey 🙂

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