Weekly Training Update: January 24th- January 31st 2015

Sunday, January 25th, 2015

Bike 5 minutes

Chin-ups: 8/5/4/4/4/3/3

Close Grip Push-ups: 20/15/12/10

High Rows: 90X15X3

Lat Pull Down: 42.5X15X3

DB Flys: 25X15, 30X15X2

EZ Curls: 65X12X3

Cable Tri Ext: 57.5X15X3

Rower 2000m time: 10:16

*Physio/Foam Roll/Stretch

Monday, January 26th, 2015

Back Squat: 45X8, 135X6, 185X4, 225X3, 275X2(added belt & sleeves), 315/325/335/345/355X5

Back Extensions: 30X4

Seated Cable Row: 50X15X3

Tuesday, January 27th, 2015

Bench Press: 45X8, 95X6, 135X4, 185X2… 205X5X5 PR

Wide Grip Upright Row: 105X15X3

DB Seated OH Press: 40X12/10/8

Laterals: 10X100

DB Hammer Curls: 30X15X3

Wednesday, January 28th, 2015

Deadlift: 135X6, 225X4, 275X3, 315X2(add sleeves and belt), 365X1, 405X1, 435X1… 465X3X3

Back Extensions: 25X4

Extra Wide Walking Lunges: 30X3

Thursday, January 29th, 2015

Bench Press: 45X8, 95X6, 135X4, 185X2, 205X1… 225X3X2 PR, 215X3X2

Pendlay Row: 115X15X3

Lat Pull Down: 42.5X15X3

DB Chest Press: 55X12/8/7

Cable Tri Ext: 62.5X15X3

Friday, January 30th, 2015

Bike: 5 minutes

Hamstring Curl: 100X15X3

Leg Extension: 90X20X3

1 Legged Leg Extension: 40X12X3

Plyo Split Squats: 20X3

Elliptical: 15 minutes (SS)… stairs were broken

Saturday, January 31st, 2015

Rower 2000m time: 10:02

Chin-ups: 5/5/5/4/5/3

Close Grip Push-ups: 15/12/12/12

High Rows: 90X15X3

Standing Rear Delts: 15X25X3

Hammer Curls: 30X15X3

Cable Tri Ext: 15X15X3

It’s been awhile since I’ve gone to the gym on a Sunday. I must say it was pretty nice, I managed to get some solid work in and felt pretty damn good after. Starting prep for Nationals this week and I’m excited to dabble into the heavier weights.

Monday’s back squats were pretty tough, the firsts 3 sets felt pretty smooth and then my last 2 were very rough. I had a hard time focusing today and as I went on it seemed to get worse. I’m hoping to regain some focus soon and be able to train more efficiently. Stupid stress.

Tuesday’s bench went fantastic. I don’t think I’ve ever moved 205 so fast and confidently, it felt awesome. This was a huge volume PR for me WOOT!

Wednesday’s deadlifts were rough. I really didn’t expect them to feel that heavy, but I did squat heavyish for the first time in a while so that makes sense. It was the first time I’ve deadlifted off a deficit in 2 months and the warm-ups felt promising but when I got to the working weight, it just felt off. I need to find my groove again, looking forward to getting back at it! I need to shake this mid back pull, it’s been bothering me for almost a month, I may need to get it checked out if it doesn’t start feeling better soon! Only 8 weeks until I step back on the platform, I need to stay unbroken!

Thursday’s bench was rough, I was going for 3-5 sets of 3 @ 225 but fell short and did 2 and took the weight down slightly. I’m still floored since I’ve never hit this weight for a triple, I’m managing to make progress slowly but surely.

Friday’s accessories were easy, I was in and out within 45 minutes. I’m looking forward to getting some good stretching in, I know I really need it.

Saturday was a much needed pump session. I was feeling pretty awesome afterwards and I’m looking forward to taking tomorrow off and doing some much needed foam rolling, stretching and physio.


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