Weekly Training Update: January 18th- January 24th 2015

Monday, January 19th, 2015

Front Squat: 45X8, 135X6, 185X4, 225X3, 275X1(added belt), 315X1, 345X1 PR

Back Extension: 30X5

Cable Row: 50X15X3

Lat Pull Down: 100X15/15/12

Split Squats: 15X4

Tuesday, January 20th, 2015

Bench Press: 45X8, 95X6, 135X4, 165X2, 185X1… 200X6X4 PR

Wide Grip Upright Row: 100X15X3

Seated DB OH Press: 40X12/12/10

Laterals: 10X100

DB Hammer Curls: 30X15X3

Wednesday, January 21st, 2015

Deficit Deadlifts: 135X6, 225X4, 275X3, 315X2, 365X1, 405X1… 425/435/445/455/465X2

*Foam Roll, Physio

Thursday, January 22nd, 2015

Bench Press: 45X8, 95X6, 135X4, 185X2, 205X1… 205X2X5

Pendlay Row: 115X15X3

DB Press: 55X12/8/8

DB Standing Rear Delts: 10X100

Friday, January 23rd, 2015

Back Squat: 45X8, 135X6, 185X4, 225X3, 275X1… 305X5X5 Time: 17:12

Back Extensions: 30X3

Split Squats: 20X3

Saturday, January 24th, 2015


Monday’s front squats were brutal… The gym was busier than usual and I got stuck with a darn bent bar, usually this wouldn’t be an issue but I was maxing out so it made it pretty tough. I was hoping to hit 365 but that definitely wasn’t happening. Instead I hit a grinder 345X1 with a belt; since the bar was bent I hit the safety on one side and it through me off, I don’t know how but I still managed to stand up with it for a 15lbs PR.

Tuesday’s bench press went exceedingly well. I managed to get through all the volume planned for the day, this was a rep and volume PR. I’m can’t wait to start my peeking program next week for Nationals!

Wednesday’s Deadlifts went well, my back was really irritating me by the end so I cut the accessory work and focus on loosening up my back. It’s still very stiff but it’s definitely feeling better.

Thursday’s bench was rough. I think the week caught up to me, there wasn’t one part of my body that wasn’t screaming at me. I still managed to get through but oh boy, I see an hour session of stretching in my near future, ouch!

Friday’s squats felt easy but uncomfortable. I pulled something in my mid back a couple weeks back and it just won’t quit, it’s a constant feeling. I managed to loosen it up a little but it’s still there. I’m going through a hard time and eating has been almost next to nothing so it’s been an uphill battle this past week and it’s becoming tough to stay on track but I’m trying my best.


One thought on “Weekly Training Update: January 18th- January 24th 2015

  1. my jaw dropped several times watching your weekly highlight video, WOW! Puttin in the muthafuckin work sister!!! shit yessss!!!

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