Week 14 Of 16: Deadlifts 460X2X3

My back, ass and hammies are still pretty bad from Monday’s heavy squats. I knew I’d have to fight for the reps today and I managed to do so. When I was doing my accessories my back kept on seizing up so I cut it short and called it a day… It was a weird feeling more spine then anything, If it doesn’t feel normal tomorrow I’m going to go get it checked out. I’m hoping it’s nothing serious and I will be able to get some extra work in tomorrow.

460X2X3… hard but good, the first rep was shaky on each set and second was more smooth

SLDL- 245X8… had to drop weight, back was killing me 225X8X2… this felt abnormally hard…
BB Row- 145X12X3… rowing was easy but I couldn’t keep my core tight and my back took a lot of the pressure and I had way too much discomfort so I called it there.

I’m hoping to rest up this weekend and be back to normal on Monday!


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