Week 14 Of 16: Deathly Back Squats 395X2X3

Physically I felt pretty good this morning, my back was still a little stiff from deadlifting but nothing serious, so I thought anyways. As soon as I started warming up my back was on fire, I knew this wasn’t a good sign… I decided to roll with it anyways. All in all, I managed to get it done, it wasn’t pretty but it happened.

275X3… added belt here
395X2X3… roughest squats I’ve ever done…My movement pattern was all over the place… Putting it behind me in hopes that next week will be better!

Down Set
275X5X3… light on the back but hard on the back… tired to go for speed but seemed to epically fail… although it did get better by the last set

Laying Down Leg Curl- 55X15X3
Leg Extension- 50X15X3
Split Squats- 15X3
V-sits- 15X3


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