Week 12 Of 16: Heavy Paused Bench 200X2X5 Touch & Go 205X3X2

I’m still feeling like death today, I’m really hoping this stupid cold clears up this weekend. Luckily, bench went really well today, no grinders and everything seems to be on track.

Paused Bench
200X2X5… all sets felt easy and smooth

Touch & Go- 205X3X2… first set was a little rough, second set was better

Skull Crushers- 95X12X2, 95X10
Lat Pull Down- 35X15X2, 35X10
Machine Flys- 75X15X2, 75X10
Machine Reverse Flys- 75X10X3
DB Front Raises- 15X15X3
Band Pull A Parts- 25X3

Rower 500mX2 + 10 Tri Push-ups… was suppose to do 5 sets but my head was pounding and I felt like I was going to die a little so I called it a day.


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