Week 11 Of 16: Paused Bench 195X2X5 Bench 205X3X2

Today was an awesome day. I managed to get through everything and it felt pretty darn good! I also decided when my next comp was going to be and I’m happy to say I’m going to try a meet in wraps August 9th, 2014!

Paused (2s)- 195X2X5… all reps felt snappy and fast

Touch & Go- 205X3X2… a little slower but still managed to get through them all

Skull Crushers- 95X10X3
Lat Pull Down- 70X15, 70X12X2
DB Flys- 25X10X3
DB Front Raises- 15X15X3
Band Pull A Parts- Totaled 60 reps

Row 500m(2500m), 8 CGRP(40) Push-ups, 5 Rounds For Time- 14:56


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