Week 5 Of 16- Paused Bench Success!

I was pretty nervous going into bench today it’s been awhile since I’ve hit over 190 for reps especially after doing some paused work in advance so I’m pretty happy I got through it with minimal struggle.

180X3X5 (paused 2s) … all 5 sets felt fast and strong

Touch & Go
195X3X2… good, the reps could have been a little faster but overall I’m happy with how they moved.

Skull Crushers- 85X12X3
Fly Machine- 75X15, 75X20
Reverse Fly Machine- 70X15X3
Lat Pull Down- 35X15, 35X12, 35X10
DB Front Raises(2s)- 15X12X3
Tri Ext- 37.5X15, 37.5X12X2

Looking forward to deadlifting tomorrow! Hoping to hit a dirty beltless PR!


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