Week 4 Of 16- Beltless Deadlifts 385X5X3

I really don’t know what’s going on with me but I’ve been exhausted lately. I was feeling very light headed today and think I am over working myself @ work. I have to find a way to balance work, gym, eating and me time. I haven’t been eating nearly as much as I should be and I know it plays a huge role in my performance; same goes for my sleep. I need to manage everything in general more efficiently. Needless to say deadlifts felt way slower and didn’t move as fast as I had hoped.

385X5X3… all sets felt ok, I just wish they were a little faster


SLDL- 225X10X3
Bent Over Row- 135X10X3

Called it there since I wasn’t feeling the greatest; really need to figure my shit out so I can stay on track with my training.


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