Week 4 Of 16- Heavy Bench Day

Again, I’m still feeling weak today. I woke up with my knee feeling like it was going to fall off so I’m really banking on it being temporary and I hope it gets better ASAP!

Paused Bench
175X5X5… last set was rough, pauses are starting to get pretty damn hard.

Touch and Go
185X3X2… These felt easy, fastest they’ve moved so far

Skull Crushers- 85X10X3
Fly Machine- 75X15X3
Reverse Fly Machine- 70X15X3
Lat Pull Down- 35X15X2, 35X12
DB Front Raises(1s hold)- 12.5X15X3
Tri Ext- 47.5X12X2, 42.5X12
Abs- 15X3


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