Leg Accesories: Dying Just A Little…

I don’t think I’ve ever been this sore in a week. Every day something new seems to come up, it’s good sore though which lately I haven’t been used too. I’m sore from head to toe today and have been all week, my hamstrings are absolutely killing me but I can feel that it’s going to pay off big time. I just hope that I can recover before Monday’s squats!

Leg Press- 225X15, 275X15, 315X15X3
Split Squats- 30X8, 40X8, 45X8, 50X8X2
Standing Leg Curl- 25X20X3… BRUTAL!
Back Extensions- 10X20X3

Even though I feel like a got hit by a truck, I’m feeling pretty damn good about this!


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