Heavy Bench Press- Tuesday February 14th, 2014

Paused Bench Press(2s)- 160X5X5… all sets were fast and easy
Bench Press- 185X3X2… harder than I expected
Skull Crushers (easy curl bar)- 55X8X4
Fly Machine- 70X12X3
Reverse Fly Machine- 60X12X3
Lat Pull Down- 35X12, 35X10, 35X8
Cable Extensions (2s hold)- 32.5X12X3
Front DB Raises- 15X12X3

Today was a definite pump day, it’s been a long time since I’ve felt a burn like I did today. I’m trying to focus more on feeling rather than movement since that’s my week point. It was pretty busy @ the gym today and there were to many gym bros flocking in the area so I didn’t get a video… Will try again next week.

So far I’m loving the new program and I’m pretty excited to see where it brings me. I’m going to take a lot of time off to get down in weight and start feeling good again, I need to get rid of these injuries.

I think the next meet I’m looking at doing will be The Women’s Pro/AM in Cali November 9th. I’ve always wanted to meet Mark Bell and compete in one of his comps and to visit California. I thought this would be the perfect opportunity.


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