Week 2 Day 2&3- RUM Training & A Reality Check

Today was definitely interesting. I was feeling pretty brutal from lack of sleep and being stiff as a board. Deadlifts felt very slow today so I cut down the sets.

Willie also brought up my weight and where he thinks I should be and he’s right. I simply feel like a fat powerlifter right now, it got to me at first and made me feel pretty shitty but I picked up what he said and am taking action. Since I began powerlifting about 5 years ago I’ve constantly been gaining weight. I was 16 when I started so I wasn’t done going through puberty yet and have put on some muscle since but realistically I have a lot of room to move. When I started lifting I weighed about 160lbs And since then I’ve put on 40lbs… I’ll admit my eating isn’t great, in fact it’s pretty shitty and I know and will work on it. I’m currently hovering around 200lbs and am determined to get down to 180bs before February 2014. I will do whatever it takes; my end goal is too compete at 165lbs by 2015.

Anyways, enough ranting about my struggles… My workouts for the last 2 days consisted of a heavy bench day and a light deadlift day which wasn’t so light.

Heavy Bench
175X5(paused)… easy
175X5(paused)… easy
175X5(paused)… good
175X5(paused)… good
175X5(paused)… good

This should have been easier than it was but honestly I can’t say I remember the last time I did more than 2 reps paused so I guess I shouldn’t be too surprised.

Board Press (2 board)- 205X5, 215X5

Floor Press- 45X15, 45X12, 45X10
Chinups- 5,5,5,5,4
Laterals (front & side)- 12X15X3
DB Bent Over Rear Delts- 15X15X3

Light Deads (with green bands)

155X6 (with green bands)
205X4 (with green bands)
295X1 (with green bands)
335X2X6 (with green bands ~415-435 @ the top?)… who really knows, it was hard though.

All sets were pretty rough, way rougher than they should have been.

Check it out @ http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0_XYQ0nPOZA&feature=youtu.be (sets 4&5)

Stiff Legs- 245X8X3
Rower 3042m in 15 minutes


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