Trying To Work On My Frustrations

I can honestly say I don’t remember the last time I’ve been so frustrating with my training. It also doesn’t help that I’m extremely impatient; I went to get a soft tissue massage and shockwave last week and it seemed to really help over the weekend and I had no pain or real irritation. I was told it might feel slightly uncomfortable to squat and did it ever. I tried squatting on Monday and it didn’t go well at all, there was pressure on both knees and it felt like I was trying to squat 400+ when in reality it was much less. At that point I was left with extreme frustration since this has been an on going process for the last 2 months now.

I didn’t realize how much my training affects my mood and well being; I’ve been struggling a lot with dealing with my emotions and not being able to peak properly for my comp in less than a month. I’m having second thoughts about competing but I’m going to give it a couple more weeks and see how it feels.

On the bright side my right knee didn’t seize up after squatting and I’m going to try deadlifting today and I know it’ll go better than last week. One thing I need to do is listen to my body and learn when I need to back off without letting it affect my mood. It’s something I need to embrace and apply, I know it could be much worse and I’m thankful it’s not; I know I need to keep my chin up and be positive and I will continue to try and do so.

Monday’s Squats
285X3 + (60lbs chains ~345@ top)… hard
285X3 + (60lbs chains ~345@ top)… really hard felt like my knees were going to blow out and I was going to fail the last rep… position felt awful.

Cut it there and did a ton of accessory work.

Split Squats- 10X5 (each leg), 15X10X5
Glute Bridges- 25X4
1 Legged Glute Bridges- 10X5
Birdfeeders- 100
Body Weight Sqauts- 100… they still felt weird.

I missed yesterday’s light bench day since I went to the drake concert last night. It was an awesome concert and I’m glad I went but it’s time to get my head back in the game and get some work done! Deadlift and bench party today!


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