Heavy Deadlift & Gaining Some Confidence

Today was one of the first times I’ve been able to deadlift without pain. My knee was bugging me @ the beginning but as I started to warm-up the pain was gone and I was able to deadlift comfortably. No PR’s today but I went heavy enough to feel confident again and I know I can hit 500+ if I decide to compete.

405X2… easy
445X2… good
465X1… good
485X1… hard but good… considering I haven’t been training consistently the past couple of weeks I was pretty happy to be able to hit this number. It was definitely slow but I followed through with it and it wasn’t a grinder.

Stiff Legs- 245X8X3

Pullups- 4X4
1 Armed DB Row (holds)- 65X15X2

I ran out of time for benching so I’m going to try and it in tomorrow and go in on Saturday.


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