Recap For The Week & Today’s Heavy Bench Day

I’ve had a rough couple of days physically and emotionally. On Wednesday I could barely bend down without excruciating pain and there was a lot of family drama; needless to say I had a bit of a breakdown. I was suppose to deadlift and I ended up doing a couple sets of stiff legs and leaving. My mind just wasn’t there on Wednesday, I brought emotional factors outside of the gym in the gym and this never end well for most people, including myself. Luckily, I went to the Alta Vista Chiropractor and they were extremely helpful within a couple hours both my knees felt better. I’ve never had an instant relief so this was exciting for me. I’m feeling much better today and managed to squeeze out a PR; definitely a good day!

Wednesday- Deads
Stiff Legs- 245X10X3
About an hour of foam rolling and stretching

Mini nervous breakdown… didn’t do any accessory work.

I missed bench day because of my appointment at the chiro, it was definitely worth it though. I took squatting off today and benched instead to give my knee a break.

Friday- Heavy Bench
185X2 (paused)… easy
195X2 (paused)… easy
205X2 (paused)… easy
215X2 (paused)… good
225X2 (somewhat paused on the first rep, touch and go on second)… good but hard PR

Board Press (2 board)
225X5… easy
240X3… good
250X1… easy

Down Set- 185X5… hard triceps were dying a little

Bent Over DB Row Hold- 30X20X3
Laterals- 10X15X3
1 Arm DB Tricep Ext- 15X20X2
DB Biceps Curls- 15X15X3


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