Somewhat Heavy Deads- Not Too Shabby

My knee is still very messed up. But I could still deadlift without excruciating pain. I have a dull pain in the right knee and a slight pinch in the left knee, it was bearable so I continued.

Off 3 Mats…
155X5… no pain
205X4… slight pain in both knees
245X3… same as last set
295X2… painful more than the last 2 sets

Off 2 Mats
335X1… no pain
385X1… ok
405X1… better
425X3… pain by the last rep
Dropped to singles…
440X1… good
455X1… harder but good and no pain

It doesn’t feel right and I’m a little off balance but I’ll take it. Definitely went much smoother than I thought it would. I’m going to get my knee checked out tomorrow so I’m hoping I’ll find out what is wrong with it.

Stiff Legs (off 2 mats)- 245X8X4
Rear Delts- 30X15X4


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