Deficit Dead PR & Some Lil Sis Action!

I was feeling like ass today… the humidity is killin’ me. I knew I was going heavy today so made sure to drink a crap ton of water and eat more throughout the day. My little sister Abbey got into some trouble awhile back and was grounded and bored and asked if she could come with me… little did I know the kid is actually pretty darn strong! She just turned 14 a couple months ago, weighs about 130 and hit a 185 deadlift, first time ever deadlifting too… Pretty wicked!

Off 3 Mats…
375X5… no belt… harder than normal but good
385X5… no belt… hard
395X5… caved… added belt okay, still hard but better
405X5… belt… felt better but still hard

Check it out @
Check out the lil sis @

KB Swings- 50X15X4
DB Row (holds)- 65X15X3, 65X12X1


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