Heavy Bench Day- Boy I’m Beat Up!

Today I was feeling alright, still pretty sore from benching on Tuesday and back/hammies are fried from yesterday. Today could have went better but I’m not beating myself up over it since I know I was pretty fried from the rest of the week. One day my bench will click, one day.

155X10… easy
165X10… good
175X9… missed 10… triceps pretty well just gave out. Most I’ve done for reps though so I guess that’s not to bad.

Flat Back Bench
135X6 (paused)… shaky
135X6 (paused)… shaky
135X5 (paused)… shaky

Still haven’t got the hang of this yet. It felt better today then it has but still feels awkward and un natural, have to keep at it!

Wide DB Press- 40X12X3
Chinups- 3X3

Laterals- 10X12X3
Chinups- 3X3

Dips- 25, 20… completely fried
Biceps Curls- 10X20X2


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