Deficit Stiff Leg Deadlifts- “Make Sure Knuckles Are Touching Toes”

I knew it was going to be an extremely light day deadlifting today but I definitely was not expecting a 5 mat deficit… Biggest back pump I’ve had in awhile.

Off 5 Mats…

Obviously the weight was super easy but my foot was literally touching the bar… Willie told me to try and hit the ground each time but that wasn’t happening… I went as low as a could and holy Christ did I ever get a back pump by the last set. Darn stiff legs and deficits…

DB Row- 70X12, 80X12X3
KB Swings- 55X15X4
Ab Wheel- 12X3

Made for an interesting day… still sore on the lower half from squats on Monday and upper body is in rough shape from yesterday’s bench. Can’t wait until next week when I actually feel “normal” again. It’s rough getting back into routine.


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