First Day Back Since The Supershow!

I’m extremely glad to be back at the gym, I’ve been dieing to get in all week and was getting anxious; I would have gone in earlier in the week but Willie told me to rest for a couple days. I’m happy I’m not competing again until November so I can focus on areas I need to improve on and WILL come back stronger.

I knew today was going to be rough since I hadn’t been to the gym in awhile. Luckily, it really wasn’t to bad, obviously nothing too heavy and squats actually felt really good today!

235X10… easy felt like I could have done about 25 of them.
235X10… easy
235X10… easy

All reps and sets were fast and felt awesome; I also didn’t use a belt today so it felt pretty good considering.

Goodmornings- 145X10, 175X10, 195X10… had a pretty serious back pump after these.
Box Jumps- 8X4
Splits Squats- 20X12X4
Situps- 25X4

I left sweating like a pig so mission accomplished for today! I feel like I put some solid work in today and I’m excited to start the new program!


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