Heavy Bench & Laterals 101… So Embarassing

So yet again I’m still working with 185lbs… The good news is it seems to be getting better and better and I can actually handle the weight without a struggle now. Benching went exceedingly well today!

185X6… easy
185X6… good
185X6… good
185X6… good

All sets suprisingly felt pretty awesome, no grinders all reps were pretty smooth!

Incline Pushups- 15,12,10
Ring Pullaparts- 15X3
Laterals- 15X10X3… except byt this point I was pretty tired and had the chicken wing style elbows going on and Willie pointed it… I’ll never hear the end of that one.. got lateral 101 infront of the entire gym… face palm.
Biceps Curls- 10X10X3
Triceps Pressups- 25X20, 25X15


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