Heavy Bench Day- Finally Getting Used To Volume!

Benching is starting to actually feel good again for the past few weeks its felt better than it had ever felt in the past. This being said today ended up being a pretty good day!

185X5… good
185X5… easy
185X5… good
185X5… rough… screwed up my first set and the last rep was the biggest grind of life.
185X5… good… much better than the last set

This is my first training cylye where I’m doing 185 for reps with multiple sets so it feels pretty good; I’m glad I’m taking to the volume this time around!

Incline Pushups- 12,10,9
Chinups (with red band)- 10,8,7
Rear Delts- 40X10X3
Laterals- 15X12X3
Biceps Curls- 15X12X3
Dips- 30,25


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