Heavy Squat Day- 385X5!

I was feeling nervous for today; I had aches and pains all day and the only thing I could think about was squatting. I got in nice and early in hopes a good war-up would do me some good. I started warming up and everything started to feel better; slightly achy but better. I did my first set and it felt rougher than it should have so that made me even more nervous. Suprisingly each ascending set kept on feeling better and better. Then BOOM 385X5, felt the best out of all my sets.

345X5… good but slower than normal
365X5… good, felt better still sort of slow
385X5… good felt even better and smoother than the two previous sets.
355X5… good… speed was good but legs=dead… so tired

Goodmornings- 185X10X3… felt like death but got through them.
Split Squats- 25X12X3

Going to start having to do some rehab stuff. Back feels off and stance is like a deformed lunge for some reason. I’m thinking it has something to do with my right quad not firing but I could be wrong. Going to see the chiro this weekend so maybe that will help me out a little!


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