Heavy Bench & Speed Deadlifts

Yesterday was an extremely shitty heavy bench day for me. I tweeked my back on Monday squatting; my quad obviously still isn’t fully healed since it’s the exact same pain that happened a few months back. I will have to get back on my rehab exercises again… urgh. My back seized benching and I had to get one of the crossfitters to spot me and he didn’t know what he was doing so things didn’t go as planned. I’m still not used to the flat feet and it screwed me yesterday for sure.

155X8… good
165X8… harder but good.
175X7… missed the 8th rep completely and my spotter tried to rerack the bar at rep 3 so it screwed me up big time and I lost my tightness and it just didn’t feel good at all.

Not to mention my back seized up on the last set… I skipped borards because I was in a rush to get back to work.

Incline Pushups- 15,12,9
Ring Pullaparts- 15X3
Triceps Extensions- 15X15X3
Biceps Curls- 15X15X3

My back felt slightly better today before I started deadlifting. It was still inflammed and sore but it was much better than yesterday. But by the end of deads it felt just as shitty as it did yesterday, even my assistance work was rough.

Off 2 mats…
Take mats away…

All sets were fast and easy… got a huge back pump around set 7-8 but didn’t affect the speed so I continued. Did the 10 sets in 11:29 which I blieve is about a minute fast than last time I did triples.

KB swings- 45X15X3
Bird feeders- 15X3
DB Row- 60X15X2
GHD- 10X2
GHD situps- 15X2

I only did 2 sets of the last 3 exercises because my back felt like it was going to fall off so I called it there.

I’m going to get on the rehab work today and tomorrow and hopefully my back will get better sooner than later… Thank god I\m going to Mexico this weekend… need to escape and relax for a bit, hoping to be 100% when I get back.


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