Heavy Bench Day- Getting A Groove!

I wasn’t looking forward to today’s bench since I just realized last week that I have to change to flat feet and I struggled with it last week. I finally found a spot that was more comfortable and felt more natural; needless to say it wasn’t an epic fail today!

150X8… easy
160X8… good
170X8… good
175X7 1/2?… hard, Willie helped me on the last rep… I’ll hit this next week for sure!

Incline DB Press- 30X12X3
Incline Pushups- 15X3
Chinups- 90X15X3
Lat Pull Down- 75X15X3
Laterals- 15X10X3
Triceps Pressups- 20X12X3

Rower 2000m- 8:35


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