Heavy Bench Day & Accesories!

Yesterday I was feeling awesome no pain anywhere and I had the best bench workout I’ve had in a long time. At the end of my bench workout I completely forgot that I have to switch my technique and have flat feet while benching… so I’m going to have to change my technique and put it to use starting Friday I’m pretty nervous that I won’t be able to get in the same positioning. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that it’ll all work out smoothly.

155X8… easy
165X8… easy
175X8… good

3 Boards…
205X8… easy
225X8… easy
235X8… good, last couple reps were hard though

This is the most I’ve ever been able to even handle so I was pretty excited to be able to even hold that weight.

I ran out of time for accesories since I had to go to work and I ran out of time after I was done work so I’m going to get that extra work in today at some point!

Wide Pushups- 15X3
BB Row- 115X15X3
Seated Row- 60X15X3
Chinups- 90X15X3
Lat Pull Down- 60X15X3
Laterals- 15X15X3
Tricep Pressdowns- 25X20X3
Biceps Curls- 10X15X3
Back Extension- 175X20X3
1 Legged Leg Extension- 45X20X3

Rower 2000m- 8:58


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