Recap Of Rum 6, Tampa Florida!

I had an amazing time in Florida! Sure beats being in the snow… darn Canada! I had an awesome experience @ Rum 6! I’m extremely happy I made the decision to compete; I learned it’s awesome competing against/ with some of the best lifters in the world! I finally got to meet my favourite powerlifter Taylar Stalling, who by the way is freakin’ awesome, I also got to compete along the side of Ann Vanderbush who is one of the most renown powerlifters out there. It was humbling and most definitely amazing week in general!

As for the meet I was definitely happy with my results… I didn’t end with my 500kg (1100lbs) total but I came pretty darn close! My results were:

1- 385.2lbs (175kg)
2- 407.7lbs (185kg)
3- 418.7lbs (190kg)

1- 192.5lbs (87.5kg)
2- 203.5lbs (92.5kg) miss
3- 203.5lbs (92.5kg) miss… actually pressed it up but got called on ass coming off the bench

1- 440.7lbs (200kg)
2- 462.7lbs (210kg)
3- 479.7lbs (217.5kg) miss… next time for sure!

1074.1lbs (487.5kg)


I beat my total from 3 months ago by 15kg; no complaints there at all! Now to decide which competition I will do next… I can’t wait to compete again!


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