Last Heavy Bench Day Before RUM 6!

This morning I was debating whether or not to change my heavy bench day to Friday due to my 4 hour sleep and stupid early dentist appointment. When I got to the gym, I was feeling better than I did when i got up so I sucked it up and benched heavy.

175X2… easy
185X2… good
195X2… good
205X2… hard but good
205X2… good… finally no sticking point
205X2… hard but good
165X3… paused… easy
165X3… paused… easy

Incline Pushups- 10X3
Jumping Chinups- 8X3
Laterals- 15X10X3
Rear Delts- 25X12X3
Bicep Curls- 15X10X3
Tricep Extensions- 15X12X3

No more heavy workouts left! WOOHOO, a couple more workouts then to Tampa I go! Can’t wait to share that platform with some of the best lifters in the world! Ti’s going to be an amazing experience.


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