Finally, A Bench Day With No Pain!

I was suppose to have my heavy bench day yesterday but that didn’t happen due a shitty day at work. Nothing went as planned yesterday between meetings and cancellations so I was a angry mess and I decided to push my bench day to today. For the first time in about 2 months my bench felt “normal” again; no bicep pain, no shoulder pain no nothing. Needless to say I was pretty excited to be pain free.

175X2… easy
185X2… easy
195X2… good
205X2… hard but good… first time I’ve played with this weight in months!
205X2… hard but good managed to get through it!
205X1… hard… missed my second rep… set up was off and my first rep was rough, lost tension and hit the wrong spot

2 Boards
215X1… pinned on last rep

Incline Pushups- 10X3
Ring Pullaparts- 10X3
Floor Press- 30X12X2
Tricep Pressups- 25X12X2
Bicep Curls- 15X12X2

Overall, today went pretty well. Even though I missed a couple reps I’m just happy to not be in pain benching. Hopefully next week will go just as well! 1.5 more weeks of training then it’s game time!


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