Heavy Bench… UGH!

So I was debatting whether to go to the gym or not today because I’m sick again and felt like shit. But I couldn’t make up today at any point so I sucked it up and went. My bench needs a lot of work and I can’t afford to miss another heavy bench day. My pain in my left side is still there but it’s better than it was last week. I haven’t gotten around to getting acupuncture but I will definitely do so soon! Today went okay, better than I thought it would anyways.

175X3… easy
185X3… easy
195X3… hard… last rep was a grinder
195X3… good… every rep was consistent
195X2… hard…failed last rep… touched too low

2 Board

Floor Press- 30X10X3
Ring Pullaparts- 10X3
Biceps Curls- 10X25X2
Triceps Pressups- 25X10X2

Really need to fix this issue, bench hasn’t moved in a long time and it’s getting frustrating… Need a lot of work here. I know I will eventually get it worked out but for the time being it’s very annoying!


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