Last Week Of Volume Was A Success- Back Squat 365X5

I was worried going in this morning because I’m fighting a cold and I woke up with a case of the Monday’s. It was my first day using my new Rebands and they made a huge difference for me! although on my top set I forgot to pull them back up… but it still went extremely well regardless!

325X5… easy, felt like I could have done 10!
345X5… good
365X5… good, no grinders, was a little more challenging but this is by far the best my squats have felt this training cycle!
325X5… easy

Box Squats- 5X3
Bulgarian Split Squats- 12X3
V-Sits- 15X2

Pretty pumped about this, hoping benching goes well tomorrow, nerve probelem is starting to get a little bit better! 3 weeks of training then RUM 6 in Florida!


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