Deadlift- 430X5… NEW PR!

Woke up still slightly sore this morning in my quads and hamstrings, so I went into the gym a little earlier to stretch and warmup. As I was warming up to my working set in the deadlift I was a little nervous for my top set because I felt stiff. Apparently it wasn’t that bad because I hit a new PR; I think the mat & rack pulls seem to really be making a difference.

Off 2 Mats…

Take Away 2 Mats…
430X5… good… NEW PR… CHECK IT OUT @

3 Mats (each side, mid/high shin)…
430X3… shaky, but okay
440X3… good, better position
450X3… hard… rough lockout, but got all 3!

Rack Pulls (right above knee)…
475X3… easy
500X3… good
525X3… good… a little bit slower

Chinups (with red band)- 10,9,6
Ring Pull Aparts- 10X3
DB Row- 65X12X3
Max Situps (on ab mat)- 35,25

Overall, pretty fricken happy about today, deadlifting is feeling awesome lately! Now just to get this nerve problem fixed… I’m going to the chiro this weekend to see his input on my issue and if it’s not a success I’m going to get acupuncture, hopefully one or the other works so I can get back to benching heavy. Light Squats & Bench tomorrow, hopefully all goes well!


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