Bench Press Fail, I Do Indeed Have A Nerve Problem

I went to bench yesterday and the pain in my elbow and tricep came back from last week and screwed up my heavy bench day big time. I didn’t think anything of it last week, but I’m 99% sure it’s because my grip for my squat is really narrow and puts a significant amount of pressure on my elbow. Last week the pain was localized in just my elbow but this week it shot up my arm. I’m thinking of trying acucpuncture to see if it makes a difference. I really have to try to open my shoulders up and get blood flowing in that area. Lots of scar tissue is built up and I need to bench heavy so I’m trying to figure out a solution. hopefully I can get it feeling better by next week!

175X4… elbow/ tricep were killing me so I dropped the weight down…
160X2… easy
160X2… easy
160X2… easy
160X2… easy
160X2… easy
160X2… easy

It’s not that the weight is hard @ all, I just know when something doesn’t feel right and it definetly did not feel right. The pain was there on each double I did and I don’t want to push it too much. The last thing I need right now is a bad injury.

Pushups- 12,12,12… pain was still there
Ring Pullaparts- 12X3

Today I’m going to do an accesory workout so I don’t get stiff and I’m going to try and get blood flowing in that area. Plus my back and quad still randomly seem to be causing me grief so I will do lots of accesory work.

Back Extension- 155X20X3
1 Legged Leg Press- 45X15X3
Chest Press- 60X15X3
DB Flys- 25X12X3
Seated Row- 60X15X3
Rear Delts- 30X15X3
Inverted Row- 15X3
DB Row- 40X15X3

Looking forward to deadlifting tomorrow. I’m hoping all goes well and to hit a PR! Hopefully I’m pain free tomorrow, fingers crossed!


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