Rough But Good Day Of Heavy Back Squats!

I decided this morning when I woke up that I was going to change my training days so that I didn’t have to go in on Saturday. Today is usually a heavy bench day so I switched to squatting today. Monday is always a hit or miss for me and although I had a good sleep last night I woke up feeling achy and groggy. As I was warming up I was yawning and tired so I was a little worried on how today would go. After splashing water in my face and waking up things started to feel better, I also used Willies Rebands today and they felt AMAZING! Although the plan wasn’t exactly executed I was still happy with how today went.

315X6… easy
335X6… good, but way slower than I would have liked, made me nervous for my next set.
355X5… hard… first 3 reps felt way better than the 335X6… my mid back went on rep 4-5 and they looked and felt pretty dirty and on my 6th rep Willie ended up having to help me… It’s still is a PR for 5! Last time I played with this weight I hit a double, and was 10lbs heavier; I’m pretty happy about it

Check it out:

Box Jumps- 5X5
Bulgarian Split Squats- 30X10X3
Ab Wheel- 15X3

I’m going to try this same workout next week in hopes it’ll feel better and I’ll hit 6 instead of 5! Only 2 weeks left of volume & then I get to play around with some heavy weights for doubles!

Luckily my right leg has been healing well so hopefully with a little more work it’ll be back in no time!

I also wanted to congratulate my client Lynn Lee for hitting a new PR on the deadlift- 160X8 @ 118 BW! Hopefully she will compete sometime in the near future… check it out @

I stumbled accross and interesting article for all you ladies out there… Stay strongs girls, don’t listen to anyone who says otherwise!

Check it out:


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