Despite Not Being Able To Feel My Body, Deads Were A Success!

I had a late night last night, got to bed around 3am and got up @ 9am to go to the gym. I woke up not with super stiff legs, ass and back and I questioned how it would go today. I got in half asleep hoping for the best. I took 25mins to really warmup and stretch everything out and it seemed to make a significant difference.

Deficit (2 mats)





Take Deficit Away…



375X6… easy

385X6… good

395X6… hard… last 2 reps were super slow, not grinders just slow as hell, but I’m pretty happy with this… tied my PR for 6 last time around and this time it looked and felt way better!

Stiff Legs– 245X8X2

Chinups (with band)- 8,8,8

I ran out of time here, since I have to work @ 1 needed to come home, blog, shower and eat. So later today @ work I will be doing…

Seated Row- 60X12X3

Bent Over Row- 115X12X3

Lat Pull Down- 60X12X3

DB Row- 40X20X3

Wide Chinups (with band)- 8,8,8

Rear Delts- 25X12X3

Rehab Work….

Leg Extension- 45X20X3

Back Extension- 95X20X3

Rower 500m For Time.

I’m really drilling my back because my chiro and Willie both pointed out to me that it was my weak point, so I’m really focusing on fixing it and making it stronger. I have tomorrow off then it’s game time starting Monday… #8WeeksOut



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