What A Week- Merry Christmas!

This week was a definite suprise. My entire back seized up on Wednesday while I was @ work so I made a trip to the chiropractor on Thursday & found out I have a minor tear in my right quad which is causing everything on my right side to be out of line. So since then I’ve gone back twice for adjustments and I just stated feeling back to normal today so I took from Wednesday- Sunday off which will probably set me back a little but I’m 9 weeks out next week so I really have to get moving… Hopefully doing the rehab exercises and normal training will help me out!

It was my first day back today, I couldn’t go to Dynamo because of work and the timing so I worked out @ work.

DB Chest Press- 40X15, 40X12, 40X10

Incline Pushups- 12, 12, 10

Laterals (front & side)- 15X12X3

DB Flys- 25X12X3

BB Rows- 75X12, 95X12, 115X12

Chinups- 10, 10, 10

Lat Pull Down- 60X12X3

Then I did some rehab for my right side…

Back Extension- 135X12X3

1 Legged Leg Extension- 45X15X3

Need to get a stronger and bigger back and build up my right quad so I was told by Dmitry. I’m trusting him on this one so hopefully I start coming back to normal.

Today was definitely a battle in terms of being stiff from being inactive and everything just felt harder than it should have, but that’s kind of a given. I’ll be back @ it starting Friday! Merry Christmas everyone!


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