Heavy Squat Day- Coming Along…

I went into the gym today still feeling crappy, not the greateast sleep but I know I still have to get my workout in or I’d probably go crazy. I have a couple issues going on @ the moment… need to fix something that’s going on in my back, vertebrae issue I think, traps are really tight and it’s causing some pain in my upper back. Also, something is going on in my right hip, not sure what it is, no pain or anything, it’s just tight… Need to go get fixed up before it gets worse! Anyhow today went pretty well, although the 8’s really did take a toll out on me especially being sick, it’s hard to breath… as I was gasping for air @ around rep 5, I managed to finish my top set!






285X8… good… reps were all easy, it was just trying to breath and stay tight that was the challenging part.

Goodmornings- 140X10, 160X10, 180X10… Felt as awful as it did last week and the week before… still takes a toll out on me.

Box Jumps- 8X3

Bulgarian Split Squats- 25X12X3… ouch, my legs were on fire…

Again, I’m excited to have the day off from training tomorrow, I really need to rest and get better. Looking forward to deadlifting on Thursday!



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