Heavy Deads- Darn Wrist Straps!

I haven’t been getting the best sleep these last couple days and it’s starting to catch up with me. I went into the gym today feeling restless and burnt, but I know it has to be done and I wasn’t sore so I gave it a go. All in all it didn’t go so bad, minus bursting a couple blood vessels in my wrist! Oh well… no pain no gain…

Off Deficit (2mats)






Take Deficit away…


365X8… I was dreading this beforehand but it actually went pretty well!

Stiff Leg Dlifts- 245X10X3

Wide Pullups (with blue band)- 8,7,8

DB Rows- 65X15X3… there goes my blood vessels…

GHD Situps- 15,12… it’s been awhile, much more challenging than I recall.

Overall, it didn’t turn out to be such a bad day… tomorrow on the other might be a different story… rockin’ a 14hr day tomorrow… Woohoo… NOT! Light Squats & Push Press tomorrow… hopefully all goes well… it shouldn’t be to bad!


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