Heavy Bench Day- Everything Is Coming Along Nicely!

I forgot it was a bench day today, I thought I was squatting… My shoulder was bugging me a little bit yesterday but today it felt much better so I was pretty excited to bench & I ended up hitting a PR so that was awesome. Volume really seems to be working for me and I’ve finally grown to love it!






175X8… good… last 2 reps were slow but not grinders… WOOHOO!

I was actually very suprised that this wasn’t a grind, beforehand in my previous training cycle I hit 170X8 and it was a huge grind… I’m hoping to get up to 185X8 before Christmas. I would be quite happy with that. Everything seems to be coming along nicely and I’m feeling pretty awesome and pretty mcuh pain free… besides for damn goodmorninings… I can’t wait to get used to those!

Incline Pushups– 12,9,8,8

Chinups– (with blue band, less resistance than red bands)- 12, 8, 8, 8

Laterals (front & side)-  15X12X4

DB Flys– 25X12X4

Dips– 40, 30

I’m pretty pumped to squat tomorrow! 275X 8 hopefully! Last PR was 280 for 8 so hopefully next week I will surpass that!

I’m sending in my entry form for RUM this Friday and booking the flight as well so I’m getting pretty amped up! Can’t wait to smash some weights in the next couple of months!


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