Heavy Back Squat Day- Damn Goodmornings…

Went to the gym today feeling pretty good, had a little bit of pain in my right hip but I rolled it out stretched a bunch and it felt much better afterwards. I’d say today went pretty well, I’m getting much more efficient with rest time and it seems to be making a pretty big difference.






265X8… easy

Goodmornings- 145X10X3… sucked just as bad as last week, this is going to take getting used to, these felt harder than my squats!

Box Jumps- 8X3

Bulgarian Split Squats- 20X12X3

Ab Wheel- 15, 10

Was in and out within an hour, was a little rushed since I have to be at work in an hour… As usual, I will get some cardio into at some point for 20 minute intervals, most likely the stepmill today. Thank jesus I have an off day tomorrow! WOOHOO



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