Wow, Now I Know Why I Love The Okie Bar!

Thursday is my super long day. Got up @ 7:30, did my morning routine went to make my first coffee of the day & realized I ran out of cream… FML… So I just drank it black but I had a client @ 9 so I had no time to run to the store… FML 2X. So I trained my awesome & spunky client Dora & headed to the gym right after… Mid warmup I was starving… FML 3X… So I really wasn’t sure how it was going to go & Rob was using the Okie bar so I just grabbed a different non okie bar (unfortunately) and of course it would be the stiffest bar we have in the gym… FML 4X… Anyhow, enough feeling sorry for myself haha… It was a deadlift day and it went well considering.






335X8… no straps, grip started slipping a little towards the end… but there were no grinder reps, just a couple slow ones but everything felt good and they were pretty smooth!

Stiff Leg Dlifts- 225X10X3… its been awhile since I’ve done these… OUCH MY BACK!

Chinups (with red band)- 8,7,6

DB Rows- 65X15X3

Treadmill- 3 minute warmup, 1 minute on 1 minute off for 20mins, 2 minute cool down, slight incline, don’t even remember since I was dreading doing this so bad.

On the bright side, I have noticed my weight is starting to go down and I’m pretty freaking happy about it… Its about time… Thank you Carb Backloading!

V-Sits- 15X3

Now I get to eat, shower and head to work until 9… YOOPIE… Thank god tomorrow is Friday!:) Hope everyone has an awesome day!



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