Aches & Pains Please Go Away… Last Squat Day Before The Meet!

I want to compete already! I’m not a huge believer in over training but I feel burnt out… After months of feeling freakin’ amazing I’m now starting to get those aches, pains and stiffness… Needless to say I’m just tired, thankfully this is my last week of training… Two, maybe 3 training days left.

I was suppose to squat 400 maybe 405 for a double today but I just wasn’t feeling good… So Willie told me to do a couple sets with 80% and I actually felt better afterwards, so I was thankful. I think it was smart to go lighter today because the last thing I need at this point is an injury.

WU– foam roll, band pull aparts, hip flexor stretch, shoulder disslocates, leg swings, BW squats







325X3… easy

325X4… easy

325X5… good

The weight was light enough that adding a rep each sets wasn’t a big deal… I felt a little bit better after squatting so I did 1 set of reverse bands.

Reverse Bands (green)- 415X2… felt pretty awesome & was easy…. definitely a good way to end my last squat sesh.

Box Jumps– 6X3

Ab Wheel- 10X3

Bird Feeders- 10X2

Bulgarian Split Squats– 8X2

I can’t believe this is my last training week… it goes by so fast in a week today I will be in Vegas! I can’t freaking wait tot compete!



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