Last Heavy Deadlift Before Vegas- 480X1

Going into today I was pretty pumped… had an awesome sleep last night, saw my god son today and he almost crawled… Cutest thing ever! I was just overall in an awesome mood which really helped… plus that extra day of rest again.

WU- hip flexor stretch, foam roll, leg swings, band pull aparts, shoulder dislocates

Off 2 mats…




Off 1 mat…



Off the floor…


440X1… easy

460X1… good… smoother than last week

480X1… hard…PR… but it happened… felt better than the 475 last week ! Check it out @:

Dropped Weight, 2 Down Sets…



Chinups with red bands- 10,8

Pretty happy with this! No complaints on this end… Happy it’s my last heavy day, not sure how much more my body could take… Good way to end heavy deadlifts that’s for sure! 2 weeks left… shits getting real!


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