This Is Going To Be Rough… On The Road To A 400lbs RAW Squat!

I just came off my down week and I was unsure on what Willie had planned for the next six weeks. Turns out I’m still doing sixes for the next 3 weeks but I’m just adding a set each week before I move onto doubles. In my head I was thinking “okay, that won’t be so bad… stay fresh and less burnt out”… Shortly after realized that it was still going to be pretty freakin’ rough!

WU- leg swings, shoulder disslocates, band pull aparts, fire hydrants, hip flexor stretch, BW squats








325X6… good

335X6… good

335X6… hard (let my back go on the last rep…)

325X6… good… felt much better

Afterwards, Willie was talking about how technically I should be able to squat 415lbs according to the reps and weight I’m playing with right now but he said it doesn’t always translate like that… especially when you have never had the weight on your back before. Needless to say he’s worried my back won’t hold when I go heavier so he decided that reverse band squats would be useful.

375X2… there was no band tension on the top so I got to feel the actually weight and it really didn’t feel too bad… the squats themselves felt easy as hell… I wasn’t expecting that because I’ve never done them…oddly enough they actually felt nice?

Box Jumps- 5X3… knees were starting to get a little achy…

Bulgarian Split Squats- 10X2… Willie then quoted “pick up some fucking weight you lazy kid”… fml… so I then did 20X10X3

Ab Wheel- 12X3



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