Light Close Grip Bench- I Love Down Weeks!

Feeling pretty awesome today… carb backloading is really working I’m down 4lbs in 2 weeks which is great! My body isn’t achy anymore which is nice… A little stiff from deads yesterday but that’s okay… took some time to really roll my upper back and lats out. Getting pretty pumped to get back to heavy lifting next week!

WU- foam roll, hip flexor stretch, band pull aparts, shoulder disslocates




135X6… easy

135X6… easy

135X6… easy

Extra Wide Pushups- 10X5

Triceps Extensions- 15X10X4

10 Laterals (15lbs) + 10 Dips + 10 Biceps Curls (15lbs) X5 Rounds

Nice n’ easy kinda day! I’m getting excited for next week… I’m getting pumped even thinking about PR’s next week! WOOHOO, one more workout, rest and then 6 weeks out! #it’sgametime!


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