Up Up & Away! Serious Squat Day

First off I ❤ squatting. Second off holy eff… I never ever thought I’d do what I did today for 6’s. It was my heavy back squat today and I was feeling a little groggy… but that didn’t stop me from hitting 2 PR’s today! Getting pretty amped up about this!

WU- foam roll, hip flexor stretch, leg swings BW squats






285X6… easy

295X6… easy

305X6… easy

315X6… good

325X6… harder but good

This was suppose too be my last set but Willie got excited and said it looked like I had a lot more in me… so he told me to go up once more.

335X6… hard but good… I probably could have hit 340, maybe 345 for another set of 6 but we’ll save that one for next week! This is very exciting for me seen as I’ve only hit this number I select few times for singles!

Check out the video of the 2 last top sets (325X6, 335X6)…


Box Jumps- 6X5

Ab Wheel- 15X3

Today was a great day… I’m looking forward to watching Kade Weber and Jen Proulx compete this weekend @ Clash for Cash… They’re both going to hit some serious numbers, and I’m very confident that both of them have a big chance @ winning!



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