Heavy Bench Day… NEW PR… Thank You Rotator!

I felt freakin’ awesome today! Had a lot more fat in my diet today so I felt much less sluggish today! I was still worried about my right rotator not cooperating but I really took my time with my warm-up today and I actually got through the entire thing without failure

WU– foam roll, hip flexor stretch, band pull aparts, shoulder spreads, hanging twists, leg swings (took about 30mins)





155X6… easy

165X6… easy

175X6… hard… but felt/looked much better than it did last week

180X6… hard NEW PR… still felt better than it did last week, and much less pain then last week, really need to take my time warming up and stretching that’s for sure… makes ahuge ass difference.

CHECK OUT THE BP’s @ http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TAOUUJwsgc8&feature=youtu.be

2 Boards

205X6… hard… slower than I recall… Willie said call it here so we settled with 1 set.. plus shoulder was starting to get aggravated

JM’s- 75X8… right shoulder killed so dropped the weight… 65X8X3

Laterals- 10X10X4

Rear Delts- 25X10X4

Extra Wide Push-ups (hands rotated outwards)- 10X5

I’m happy with how today went, no complaints… Can’t wait to see what’s in store for deads tomorrow! WOOHOO! #8.5WEEKSOUT!


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