Really Really Heavy Bench Day… Darn Rotator!

Today I was a little tired… got up earlier then I normally do for work and got to bed pretty late… Didn’t eat too much either… so I was even more exhausted… When I got to my working sets I had the same irritating feeling I did last year in my right rotator cuff, so I knew it wasn’t going to be a great day.

WU– band pull apart, hip flexor stretch, foam roller, leg swings





145X6… good… but should have been easier…

155X6… good… a little harder

165X6… hard…

175X6… really hard… last rep a huge grind… Willie said he didn’t touch the bar… but it was hard for me to tell… At least this was a PR… not as satisfying as I would have liked…but… still a PR


2 Boards


205X6… By the third rep my shoulder completely seized up and Willie kept my last 3 reps moving

Extra Wide Push-ups– 8X3

DB Tricep Presses– 25X6X3

Laterals– 10X10X4

After the assistance work my rotator was extremely aggravated so I did a bunch of band work and external rotation work. Afterwards it was gased and couldn’t do much else, so I rolled it out… did it ever freakin’ kill… I’m hoping I can fix this soon because I do NOT want to run into the same problem I did last year… I think I’ll just take the rest of the week off benching and really focus on healing up that right rotator… hopefully next week will go better… But you know a new PR for 6 with a busted up rotator ain’t to shabby so I shouldn’t be complaining!


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