Freakin’ Friday- Heavy Squats With A Back Pump

Going in to today I was a little nervous since my back is still majorly stiff from deads on Wednesday. Today was a heavy squat day so I wasn’t sure how it would go. As soon as I started warming up it got worse and worse and then my knee started to bug me. All in all the end result wasn’t too bad but with a fresh back I know it would have been 10X easier.

WU- foam roller, agile 8’s, hip flexor stretch, leg swings


BarX8… achy knee…




185X3… back pump start from here down… damnit…


255X6… good… back/ knee didn’t like that too much

265X6… good… felt better than the last set

275X6… good… felt the same as the last set

285X6… good… last rep was a little slow but good

Plyo Bulgarian Split Squats- 5X3 each leg

V-sits 15X3

By the end my back was throbbing so I decided to cut it there and just stretch a bunch… Hopefully my back is feeling better on Monday! Thank god for the weekend, hope everyone enjoys it as much as I will!


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